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Miniature open twist vase in Ebony by Iulia Chin Lee
Miniature Open-Twist Vase in Ebony. Impeccable skill and great care are needed for making open-twists in such small scale. The open space between ribs allows viewers to see the smooth and thin wall of the vase.
Miniature Vase made of Tagua nut. Tagua nuts have an interior void and are irregular in shape. The above vase is created with its beautiful husk on. 1 1/2" wide 7/8" high
miniature painted cup and saucer circa 1820 by Iulia Chin Lee
fine miniature turnings from Iulia Chin Lee
Iulia Chin Lee is showing a mature fullness in her art forms. Trained in all the studio arts, with years of study and practice, she makes her work seem effortless. These miniature objects hold a presence that belies their size.
miniature painted cup and saucer 19th century
1/12 scale Miniature Hand-Painted Cup & Saucer. This miniature cup and saucer set was recreated from Iulia's collection of English Porcelain. Above photos show the Original and its duplica in miniature.
Miniature Footed Bowl made in Paduak and Tagua Nut. Tagua nuts are seeds of ivory palms in South America. They are now often used as an animal tusk subtitute. The footed bowl is 1 5/8" in width and 1 1/8" in height.
dollhouse miniature burl vase as sculpture
miniature turning oval burl sculpture
Miniature Turned Sculpture made in burl and ebony. The bowl is of an oval shape. The rims of the wings flare beautifully. 1 1/8" high
dollhouse miniature turning burl vase with ebony
This is a series of bi-colored vases, a limited edition of ten. Each vase is made of exotic burl for the main body and ebony for the neck and base.
miniature burl vase with ebony by Iulia Chin Lee
miniature burl vase with exotic  wood and ebony
miniature wood turning burl vase with ebony and exotic wood
miniature woodturning burl vase in exotic wood ebony
miniature burl vase in exotic ebony
Above photos show two sides of the same vase.
Burl Vases with Flame-Finials The vase is completely hollowed and the flame-finials are turned and then hand-cut.
Beautiful Miniature Natural-Edge Vase in Maple w/ unique pattern
miniature spiral twist in maple, paduak
miniature woodturning spiral twist in paduak, rosewood, ebony
Miniature Bi-Color Twist Pedestals are made with utmost precision. The core of the pedestals has to fit perfectly into the open twist. The tops and bases are doweled to the stems to ensure a long-lasting bond.
Paduak & Rosewood
Paduak & Maple
A set of Nesting Bowls in maple Total of 15 bowls
miniature maple nesting  bowls by Iulia chin Lee
miniature maple nesting bowls by Iulia Chin Lee
A closer look at the nesting bowls
miniature maple nesting bowls
miniature nesting bowls in maple
Two sets of Nesting Bowls in maple
One set is of cup shape, the oher bowl shape
A closer look at the bowl-shape
Click Here is view the availability of Iulia's work
miniature exotic wood burl bowl with ebony spiral twist
miniature exotic wood  hollow twist vase in ebony
miniature wood bowl with ebony stem
Miniature Bowl with Open-Spiral Design The bowl is made in maple and painted white. The edge of bowl is left unpainted to add interest. The stem is in ebony.
Miniature Open-twist Vase in Classic Shape, made of ebony
Miniature Wood Bowl on Open-Spiral Stem. The bowl is made in burlwood, the open-twist stem is in ebony.
Click Here to view the availability of Iulia's work.
miniature wood turning vase with twist flame lid paduak and ebony 1/12 scale
Miniature turning Tagua Nut bowl  and exotic paduak wood 1/12 scale
miniature turning Tagua Nut Bowl , vase 1/12 scale
miniature turning Tagua Nut bowl , vase 1/12 scale
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